Activities in Guadalajara Thursday March 1 2012

Guadalajara Convention and Exhibition Center of Guadalajara, Guadalajara jalisco Mexico activities in March 2012: The best free events and entertainment Entertainment in Guadalajara today Cultural, sports, concerts, restaurants, theater, tourism in Guadalajara, which places to visit in the here and now Perla Tapatia, List of most important events of Guadalajara to help you make better time.

Activities and Events Calendar for March 2012 Guadalajara Mexico.

What: State Band

Where: Kiosk, Plaza de Armas
Time: 18:00 hrs.
Admission: Free admission

Travel: tequila distilleries oldest Guadalajara Includes factory visit and live the experience of being in a beautiful champagne tequila Sale: 10 hrs. Cost: $ 390 USD per person Inquiries: 3659 9379

Tianguis Tonala Craft Tianguis Crafts of Tonala Since pre-Hispanic era, the “Tianguis” on Thursday, was the traditional meeting point. Indians from different parts of the Valley Atemajac exchanged their goods here. Currently about 3.500 to 4.000 shopkeepers set up Thursday and Sunday. Time: 9:00 am Cost: $ 290 MXN 23 USD per person Information Tonala tour 33 3659 9379

The Horns in Concert 20:00 hrs. $ 150.00 to 500.00 Teatro Diana

Inclan. From Argentina 21:00 hrs. $ 200.00 LARVA

Bohemia tapatias Mission Terrace Hotel Carlton 20:30 hrs. Recovery $ 50.00 Reports: 36585771, 3812268 Artistic Presentation Entertainment Center Purgatory, At 21:00 hrs. Reports: 38497023

Film screenings:
Film: Drei, Three, 3 15:50, 18:00 and 20:10 hrs. G. U film forum

Film: Angel-A 20:00 hrs. Free admission Deck Prism Film
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