Antad in Expo Guadalajara city 2012

Thursday 15

Convention and Exhibition Center:

Suppliers of products and services
For stores, supermarkets and
Expo Guadalajara


the Bunkers
21:30 hrs.
$ 450.00 $ 320.00 VIP General
Old Jacks

Format: B
(Formatik, Highgrade)
22:00 hrs.
bar Americas


contemporary dance
Presentation of the book “Still Life”
It aims to sensitize children
About the importance of caring for Nature, a fun way By contemporary dance and
Music with the group “CreatoMobilis”.
Led by teacher Olivia Diaz.
10:30 to 11:30 hrs.
Free of charge upon registration
Organizers: Museum of the City



Bohemia tapatias
Mission Terrace Hotel Carlton 20:30 hrs.
Recovery $ 50.00
Reports: 36585771, 38122688

Artistic presentation
Entertainment Center Purgatory,
At 21:00 hrs.
Reports: 38497023

Film screenings:

Film: The Charm of the Hedgehog
20:00 hrs.
free admission
Deck Prism Film

Theatre: We Are Here
20:30 hrs.
Experimental Theatre

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