What to do in Guadalajara Monday March 12 2012

Monday 12

Exhibition Center
And Conventions:



Pledge of Allegiance with the Municipal Band
Municipal President of Guadalajara 10:00 hrs.

Course of history, art and culture of Mexico
module VII
By architect Eduardo Vargas Gonzalez.
10:00 to 12:00 hrs.
Admission: $ 800.00 per module or $ 80.00 per class
Organizers: Museum of the City of Guadalajara

Conference “The walk of Forgiveness”
For the MSc. Paulina Carbajal
19:30 to 20:30 hrs.
free activity
Organizers: Center for Historical Studies
“Fray Antonio Tello”
Reports: 12018712 to 15



Presentation of Trio
French Hotel 19:00 hrs.
1 drink minimum consumption
Reports: 3613 1190.

Film screenings:

Red Theater
Movie: “The King’s Speech”
19:30 hrs.
free admission
red Cafe

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