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"Archaeology is a way of life; always seeking to learn, exposing the unknown, enlightenment, insight, and the tolerance of all cultures"  @thearqueologist
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UNESCO´s World Heritage site. The discovery of these circular structures has caused great admiration and has created a new scope and expectation towards the outlook and research of one of the first civilizations in all of Mesoamerica. Guachimontones archaeological site also seems to be the parting point of this forgotten link to Western Mexican Cultures and history
Guachimontones is one of the most impressive archeological sites ever seen. The characteristic that distinguishes this pyramids from the rest of the cultures of Mesoamerica is its unusual architectural style defined by ceremonial centers in the form of concentric circles.
Guachimontones was a lost world. It is located West of Guadalajara. This site is over 2,500 years old and the architectural style is unique. Very different to any pyramids in Mexico and the throughout the world, is hidden near Tequila Valleys, and is the most complex site in the world. The Guachimontones the missing link in Mexican pre Hispanic civilizations.
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Discover why los Guachimontones civilization began to dim around 700 AD during our guided tour

Arouse your curiosity, go beyond the mystique of its apparent simplicity of Guachimontones

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