Guadalajara2011 ready to welcome Pan Am Games

By Gay Nagle Myers
The 2011 Pan American Games open Friday in Guadalajara, an event that is drawing thousands of visitors to watch more than 6,000 athletes from 42 nations compete, including 275 competitors from the U.S.

Guadalajara already has benefited from playing host to the games with newly paved roads, bridges, pedestrian walkways, spruced-up gardens and a new 8,500-seat stadium, built at a cost of $28 million.

The buildup included several new hotels, including the Riu Plaza, which opened in June, followed by the Westin in September. The city has 22,000 hotel rooms to house visitors.

Officials have warned residents to expect major traffic jams; many schools and universities have canceled classes during some or all of the games, which run through Oct. 30. The police presence has been ramped up with more than 11,000 members of the federal and state police on hand to provide additional security.

This marks the third time that Mexico has hosted this event; it was held in Mexico City in 1955 and 1975.

Pan Am Games on in Guadalajara 2011

Guadalajara is ramping up for the 2011 Pan American Games, an event scheduled for Oct. 14 to 30 that is expected to draw thousands of visitors to watch athletes from 42 nations compete, including 275 competitors from the U.S.

This marks the third time that Mexico has hosted this event; it was held in Mexico City in 1955 and 1975.

“This is a very big event for us,” said Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, COO of the Mexico Tourism Board.

In addition to Guadalajara, the games will draw for visitors to the nearby cities of Puerto Vallarta, Ciudad Guzman, Lagos de Moreno and Tapalpa, which will all play host to events.

The organizing committee expects to sell more than 1 million tickets to games events; tickets have been on sale since May.

The presence of the games this fall boosted plans to build new hotels, sports centers and stadiums; re-engineer Guadalajara’s downtown area; improve public transportation systems; and construct a second terminal at the airport, according to Horacio de la Vega, marketing director for Guadalajara 2011.

The city will have 22,000 hotel rooms to house visitors, including 557 at the new Riu Plaza, which opened in June.

By Gay Nagle Myers

Live Guadalajara

Vive GuadalajaraGuadalajara is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and Latin America. Endowed with an extraordinary climate is the land of Mariachi, Tequila, the Instituto Cultural Cabañas (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and home to a wide culture that ranges from fine art to the height of the popular arts.

The Historic Center of Guadalajara at the Pan American Games 2011, offers an interesting architecture of the colonial era (Century 19) and an intense cultural and commercial life. In the Historic Center include, among other buildings of interest, the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Teatro Degollado, Guadalajara Cathedral and Government Palace. Also found in this part of the city’s famous Cruz de Plazas.

The city offers a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping centers, universities and many more attractions.

Forming a metropolitan area, the cities of Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonala increase the supply of attractions for visitors.

One hour from Guadalajara are the Lake Chapala, the largest of Mexico and picturesque people Chapala and Ajijic, the latter preferred to visitors and residents from the United States and Canada.

Two hours are Tapalpa mountain village, endowed with many natural and cultural attractions.

The Tequila Express is a train from Guadalajara and that passes through the so-called Agave Landscape that takes visitors to know the production area Tequila, factories of this drink and the whole culture that revolves around its history and production.

For this and many more things that we will reveal here worth visiting Guadalajara.